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Meet Stewart Portela

Stewart Portela is a teacher and coach at Firth High School in Firth, Idaho. He has been a public school teacher for 25 years. In 2005, he authored his first book “Heroes Among Us” and in 2006, he co-authored a second book “Footsteps In The Sand”. Stewart’s wife of 25 years is Esther and they have three children, Dustin, Garret, and Caden. Stewart Portela has been a major staple in southeast Idaho for many, many years. He has always been one amazing coach and teacher to many. Stewart helps organize the Veterans Day and patriotic programs in Firth. During COVID, he organized for community members to come together and wave US flags over the interstate. In his words, “It’s what America needs right now.” As a coach, Stewart gets the youth involved, teaches the youth how to be a compassionate person, and spends his time in community service through programs benefiting the military and police officers in his region. He also puts together trips for community people to visit historical places saying, “Lest we forget what we fought to preserve.” Stewart is always smiling while helping others as often as he can.

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