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Meet Dan Miller

Dan Miller is the Founder, Editor in Chief, and President of Operation Freedom Recovery. Dan is a visionary and entrepreneur at heart. His own struggles with addiction and substance use disorders coupled with suicidal ideations led to hospitalization in December of 2019. While he was in treatment, Dan looked at the 4’x10’ cork board in the hallway of the treatment ward and read all the fliers of organizations whose purpose was to help veterans in need.  Dan came to the realization he was not alone and there were resources in the community to overcome his personal challenges. After his discharge, Dan found a sponsor that same day in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and has found hope in recovery ever since.

In the fall of 2022, Dan began his MBA at Idaho State University where he took a marketing course in his first semester detailing the concepts of social media marketing and podcasting. Dan describes it as,”Suddenly, the lightbulb lit up and I began thinking about all the possibilities. I knew I wanted to make an attempt but the idea also made me feel really uncomfortable.” Dan decided to step outside his comfort zone, develop affiliations with and NPR, and published the first episode in May 2022. He is grateful to share the message of strength and hope to make a positive impact in his Veteran community.

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